Iran's Planes Are Increasing..Why?

"Saddam has returned the shore to Iran, and now he is giving them your Air Force. There is a better course to choose, flee to Saudi Arabia. Communicate to us by radio, and announce your desire to join your arab brothers. Approach alone in your aircraft, or in single file. Lower your landing gear, turn on your landing lights, disarm your weapons systems, and fly at a speed no greater than 250 to 300 knots. You will receive humane treatment and after the current crisis is over, you will be allowed to return to your homeland and rebuild it."

This illustrated Gulf War PSYOP leaflet urges Iraqi pilots to defect to Saudi Arabia rather than surrender their aircraft to Iran their long-time enemy as directed by Saddam Hussein.

The Iraqis fought a bloody 10 year war with Iran over border disputes. Saddam's order to save Iraq's Air Force by flying the planes to Iran was an unpopular decision with many of his military forces. This leaflet capitalized on that dissatisfaction by offering an alternative to surrendering their planes to a longtime enemy and an unknown fate.

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