Saddam's Bloodbath


This illustrated Gulf War PSYOP leaflet
portrays Saddam as wanting war, and not carrying how much
Iraqi blood is shed in the process.

Leaflets such as these were disseminated following the Amiriya bunker incident to shift the blame from U.S. bombs to Saddam Hussein. Saddam's attempt to protect targets with shield of innocent civilians as a deterrent became a sensitive tactical issue and it was crucial that we let it be known that Saddam was intentionally placing innocent civilians at risk. The translation of the actual text is shown below.

FRONT: - Saddam is the sole reason for the bombing of Iraq!

BACK: - Saddam's aggression is the reason the whole world is at war with Iraq. The Coalition Air Forces are trying their bests to avoid injuring innocent civilians. But Saddam has placed Iraqi civilians within military areas to die instead of his loyal military personnel. He is ready to sacrifice all of you, the holy places as well as the history of Iraq for his own survival.

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