4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne) COL Anthony Normand
(until 17 Dec 90)
4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne) COL Layton G. Dunbar
(after 17 Dec 90)
6th Psychological Operations Battalion (Airborne) LTC Jay R. Savage Supported VII Corps
8th Psychological Operations Battalion (Airborne) LTC Jeffrey B. Jones Joint PSYOP Task Force
9th Psychological Operations Battalion (Airborne) LTC Thomas D. Washburn Supported XVIII Airborne Corps
PSYOP Dissemination Bn LTC James P. Kelliher Stationed at King Fahd International Airport
13th Psychological Operations Battalion (Prisoner of War) LTC James P. Noll 800th Military Police Brigade (USAR, St. Paul, MN)

4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne)

Primary Staff

XO LTC William G. Martin
S1 MAJ Edward B. Rouse III
S2 CPT Antonio S. Huggar
S3 MAJ Hugh W. Perry II
S4 CPT Luigi E. Biever
JAG CPT Diane E. Beaver
Chaplain MAJ William L. Underwood
CSM CSM Charles J. Bunty Jr.

Major Military Command

PSYOP Liaison Officer

Army Central Command (ARCENT) CPT Chris Bailey
5th Marine Expeditionary Brigade MAJ Tabor Tritschler
82d Airborne Division CPT Mark Vesser
101st Airborne Division CPT Thomas Wright
24 Infantry Division (Mech) MAJ Jim Ives
1st Cavalry Division CPT Kevin B. French
1st Armored Division MAJ Slaughter
3d Armored Division CPT Powell
1st (U.K.) Armored Division MAJ Topie
1st Infantry Division 1LT Barnett
2d Armored Cavalry CPT Michael J. Mendell
VII Corps MAJ Ted H. Barnes
XVIII Airborne Corps MAJ Robert P. Decoulaz
LNO to Central Air Forces & XO, 8th POB MAJ Jack N. Summe

Major Commands

PSYOP Detachment Commanders

101st Airborne Division CPT Larry Wright
MARCENT CPT James Richardson
SOCCENT PSYOP Det MAJ Mitchell Sivas

Marine Units

Officers in Charge

MARFOR MAJ Tom Gerblic
1st Marine Detachment CPT William Mattice
2nd Marine Detachment  

Reserve Psychological Operations Units

US Location

Desert Storm Location

318th Psychological Operations Company St. Louis, MO Dammam
319th Psychological Operations Company Ft. Snelling, MN Dhahran
362d Psychological Operations Company Fayetteville, AR Dammam

Composite PSYOP Task Force
in Support of MARFOR (4th POG)

Individuals and teams mobilized, not entire Psychological Operations Companies. Personnel formed a composite element consisting of 18 personnel, forming a command and control cell and five loudspeaker teams placed under the operational control of MARFOR

Element, 244th Psychological Operations Company Element, 245th Psychological Operations Company  

According to Specialist Cliff Bramlett, the U.S. Army Reserve 244 PSYOP Company send 5 teams to Desert Storm in support of line units, his team supporting the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment.