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The purpose of this leaflet was to warn the people of the danger of landmines.
The 4th Psyop Group prepared this leaflet that shows the word "Warning"
within a bright red triangle, and drawings of the items to beware.
Seven different types of landmines are shown.
Text in two languages, one side in Croate, the other in Serbian.

Civilian Casualties from mines in Bosnia have dropped from 190 in 1996 to 140 in 19997 to 39 last year in 1998. It is estimated that there could be as many as 725,000 mines still buried in Bosnia, of those as estimated 350,000 are in the sector of American responsibility. The forces that planted the mines are supposed to be the ones that clear them. Unfortunately that does not always happen. To make matters more complicated, is the fact that in some cases mine fields have been laid on top of existing minefields, one over the other so the clearing of the mines has become much more difficult.