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101 - Coffins on Runway

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102 - Liberty Stadium

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103 - Don't Step Forward

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105 - Is He Worth Dying for

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106 - Allah Akbar

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107 - Iraqi confrontsPan-Arab

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109 - Ignore USA Radio

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111 - Sharpening Knife

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112 - Fists over Iraq



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113 Calendar Koran Text


Leaflet ID numbers are from Richard D. Johnson's book, "SEEDS OF VICTORY - Psychological Warfare and Propaganda". This 288 page book is filled with historical information, translations and over 400 color photographs of the psychological operations leaflets disseminated during the Gulf War. If you would like more information about the book, or if you are interested in purchasing a copy, you can e-mail the author at:

For more information on Gulf War leaflets, how many were dropped, how they were disseminated, etc, check out Gulf War Leaflets. If you would like more informationa s far as the effectiveness of the Psychological Operations efforts during Operation Desert Storm check out The Gulf War.