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30 February 1991 Saddam’s prediction: Be assured that I will solve the problem in Kuwait by 30 February...

Note: This leaflet is a famous error. The front of the leaflet has a cartoon of Saddam swinging a big sword and cutting off his own head. Saddam says "Oops" in ENGLISH. The artwork was done by PSYOP soldier Tim Wallace as a little joke for the American troops. The artwork was mistakenly gathered from a work region along with some already approved leaflet themes and  shipped to Turkey with a grouping of several other products. The PSYDET believed that the image was a valid theme and immediately designed a backing. The idea was apparently well received by the Iraqi population, despite the fact that the images progress from left to right, and the fact that "OOPS" and "Thud" are not understandable to the Arabic population.

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