E10b.jpg (37480 bytes) This leaflet, sporting a portrait of Saddam Hussein, is one of several leaflets that were created that looked like Iraqi 25 Dinar Notes (Iraqi money) on the front but had a psychological warfare message on the reverse.


There is no difference in value between your money and this piece of paper. Worthless money is a plentiful thing within the land and the deprivation is spreading (expanding). No remedy is present (in sight). The suffering is spreading (or expanding). There is no nourishment, but there is filth. There is no water or soap to be found. The darkness has settled. The electricity is cut. You are in distress. You have needs, but your wife is not with you. You are afraid of Saddam, but you do not disobey. You are in imminent danger of death, but have no plan (or remedy) to change it. O’ People of Iraq, you still have the right to do something, yet you are sitting in your houses. O’ Soldiers, O’ Civilians, O’ Elders, O’ Youth, O’ Women, O’ Men! The time has come for you to respond to the call of duty. Rise up and flood the streets and alleys for the overthrow of Saddam and his supporters.

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