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The 5th Psychological Operations Battalion is a subordinate unit of the 8th Psychological Operations Group.

The 5th POB has regional responsibility for the Pacific area covered by Pacific Command (PACOM).

The Battalion produces and disseminates written propaganda. It also has the ability to operate in the radio broadcast field.


Distinctive Unit Insignia

Description:     A silver color metal and enamel device 1 1/4 inches (3.18 cm) in height  consisting of three black arrows, the tips (points) of which are outlined in silver.  One arrow is severely curved about the circumference, the second less severely curved, starting and ending at the outer limits and passing through the center, and the third straight and penetrating the other two.

Symbolism:    The two curved arrows represent enemy propaganda, distorting the truth, aimed at friendly forces.  The straight arrow represents truth and knowledge piercing enemy propaganda and omitting light (silver metal) while the enemy propaganda attempts to block and restrain the light.  There is a secondary symbolism in that the three types of propaganda—black (emanating from other than purported source), gray (doubtful source), and white (emanating from purported source)—are represented  by the degree of curvature of the arrows.  The black and silver serve to gain attention by its contrast but is subtle in that conservative colors are used.

Background:    The distinctive unit insignia was originally approved for the 5th Psychological Operations Battalion on 31 January 1967.  It was redesignated for the 5th Psychological Operations Group on 29 January 1976.  The insignia was redesignated effective 16 October 2004, for the 5th Psychological Operations Battalion.

 Coat of Arms.

                 Shield:    Vert (Dark Green), a stylized arrow issuing from sinister chief arching to base, point to dexter Argent (Silver Gray); on a pile of the like an arrow point to base intersecting a stylized semi-circular arrow point to sinister Sable.

                  Motto:    VICTORY THROUGH INFLUENCE.  


                  Shield:    Dark green and silver gray are the colors traditionally associated with Psychological Operations.  The pile symbolizes military fortitude and power, also denotes the unit’s designation, “V” (5).  The two black arrows signify the Greek letter “psi” used to symbolize “psychology,” also alludes to the mind.  The combination of the pile and the psi symbol suggests the “power over the mind,” the battalion mission.  The arched arrow at the bottom pierced by the pile indicates the battalion’s persuasion to block enemy propaganda.

                 Crest:    None.   

                 Background:    The coat of arms was approved effective 16 October 2004.