Distinctive Unit Insignia, 4th Psychological Operations Group

The 4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne) at Fort Bragg, NC, is the only active Army psychological operations unit. It constitutes 26 percent of all U.S. Army psychological operations units; the remaining 74 percent being filled by reservists.

The mission of the 4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne) is to deploy anywhere in the world on short notice, and plan, develop, and conduct Civil Affairs and Psychological operations in support of Unified Commanders, coalition forces, or other government agencies as directed by the National Command Authority.

The 4th POG (A) personnel (soldiers and civilian) include regional experts and linguists who understand the political, cultural ethnic, and religious subtleties of the target audience. They also include functional experts in technical fields such as broadcast journalism radio operations, print, illustration, interrogation layout operations, and long-range tactical communications.

The 4th POG (A) is capable of providing PSYOP support ranging from propaganda and product development, to media production, to strategic, operations, and tactical information dissemination. The 4th POG's organic media assets include light-to-heavy print production; audio production; amplitude modulated (AM), FM, and shortwave radio broadcasting stations; audiovisual production and dissemination; and tactical loudspeaker dissemination.

The 4th POG (A) is normally assigned to the AC of the unified command, but may be assigned as the joint PSYOP task force on the unified command. It may be designated as the senior PSYOP headquarters over US RC POGs or allied elements at EAC.

The 4th POG (A) provisional task organization consists of a group HHC, three regionally oriented battalions, one tactical support battalion, and one PSYOP dissemination battalion.

During contingency operations, PSYOP battalions or their subordinate elements are task-organized to provide the full range of PSYOP support required.

The 4th POG (A) was comprised of a Headquarters Company, 4 Regional Support Battalions, a PSYOP Dissemination Battalion, and an Operational/Tactical Battalion. With about 1,145 soldiers and 57 civilian analysts in the entire group, the battalions are small with generally fewer than 200 soldiers, compared with a standard infantry battalion of about 750 soldiers.

The 4 Regional Support Battalions (RSB) were the the 1st Psychological Operations Battalion, which had regional responsibility for the southern hemisphere covered by Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), the 5th Psychological Operations Battalion which supported the Pacific (PACOM), the 6th Psychological Operations Battalion, which supported Europe (EUCOM) and Africa (not including the Horn of Africa), and the 8th Psychological Operations Battalion, which supported the Middle East (CENTCOM). The 5th Psychological Operations Battalion appears to have inactivated.

Regional PSYOP is conducted at the strategic and operational levels and operates under the staff proponency of the Theater/Joint Task Force (JTF) J3. The regional PSYOP battalion commander develops and executes the CINC-JTF Commander's PSYOP campaign plan, and when directed by the Commander, 4th Psychological Operations Group (Airborne), provides the Joint PSYOP Task Force Commander.

Each Regional Battalion consists of a Headquarters Support Company, a PSYOP Development Company which is further broken down into a Plans Programs Detachment, a Target Audience Analysis Detachment and a Test Evaluation Detachment, and a Strategic Studies Detachment which includes civilians with language and cultural expertise in the region supported by the unit. The civilians provide long-term regional analysis and may deploy on missions.

Distinctive Unit Insignia


Description: A gold color metal and enamel insignia 1 3/16 inches (3.02cm) in height consisting of an open wreath of gold bamboo leaves surmounted by a quatrefoil divided into three vertical segments, gray, white and black, issuing diagonally from the lower right part thereof toward the upper left three gold lightning flashes; all above a gold scroll lined with red and inscribed "Verbum Vincet" in red letters.

Symbolism: The design is in the shape of a quatrefoil as the number four is symbolic of the measuring intelligence, an essential ingredient of psychological operations. The four lobes also allude to the numerical designation of the Group and to the current number of its subordinates. The gray, white and black segments of the quatrefoil represent the three types of propaganda, half-truth, truth and untruth, as determined by origin. The lightning flashes represent the three main types of media utilized by the Group in propaganda dissemination – audio, visual and face-to-face persuasion. The gold and red colors of the scroll and motto are from the flag of the Republic of Vietnam. Those colors and the wreath of bamboo commemorate the Group’s activation and service in Vietnam.

Background: The distinctive unit insignia was authorized on 13 Aug 1968.