Distinctive Unit Insignia, 1st Psychological Operations Battalion

Coat of Arms, 1st Psychological Operations Battalion



The 1st Psychological Operations Battalion is a subordinate unit of the 8th Psychological Operations Group. It has regional responsibility for Latin America, the southern hemisphere covered by Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) as well the region covered by Atlantic Command (ACOM).

The Battalion produces and disseminates written propaganda. It also has the ability to operate in the radio broadcast field.



Description: A gold color metal and enamel insignia 1 1/8 inches (2.86cm) in height consisting of the Greek symbol "PSI", gray charged with a gold lightning flash, in front of an open white roll of parchment, all above a black scroll inscribed "First With the Finest" all in gold letters.

Symbolism: The color white stands for purity and truth, the first and preferred type of propaganda utilized by the Battalion; the colors gray and black are for the second and third types. The roll of parchment prefers to the unit’s ability to produce and disseminate written propaganda. The lightning flash is for its ability in the radio broadcast field. The Greek symbol for "PSI" refers to the psychological mission of the organization. In addition, the symbol alludes to the Battalion’s numerical designation by its similarity to the figure "I".

Background: The distinctive unit insignia was authorized on 15 Jun 1967.


Shield: Vert (Dark Green), a scroll bendwise Argent transfixed by a lightning bolt bendwise sinister Or on a canton Argent (Silver Gray) the Greek letter "PSI" Sable.

Crest: From a wreath Argent and Vert a bar wavy Azure charged with a barrulet of the first, a taeguk Proper fimbriated Or superimposed by a chess knight of the first and overall a dagger of the fourth.



Shield: Dark green and silver gray are colors traditionally associated with Psychological Operations organizations. The scroll refers to the unit’s ability to produce and disseminate written propaganda. The color white is indicative of purity and truth, the first and preferred type of propaganda; the colors gray and black represent the second and third types of propaganda used by the unit when necessary. The lightning flash reflects the battalion’s information distribution functions via electronic media. The Greek letter "PSI" suggests the word "psychological" and is indicative of the unit’s mission. The primary structure of the letter resembles the numeral "1" and denotes the battalion’s designation.

Crest: The upright dagger suggests the battalion’s numerical designation while highlighting the cutting edge of psychological military operations and technology. Gold is emblematic of honor and high achievement. The taeguk is for Korean War service, while the wavy bars allude to the Caribbean and Grenada. The chess knight embodies power of movement and direction, symbolizing the importance of intelligence in formulating military strategy and countermeasure.

Background: The coat of arms was originally authorized on 2 Oct 1992. It was amended to include a crest on 19 Mar 1997.